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Air Pollution

            As the quality of life of the Pacific Northwest has continued to improve, the environmental quality becomes necessity. The Pacific Northwest is proud to be one of the Earth's natural places. It has more old-growth forest than any others, remains the world's greatest producer of salmon, the greenest part of the society and all those clean beautiful rivers. They play an important role in the continuous life. Even though the Pacific Northwest have all the positiveness, it is still facing many problems that the rest of the world are facing. These problems are cause by the environment. Air polution is one of the major problem that the world must face. .
             Air pollution can be deadly even if we can't see it. It causes lung disease and cancer. It poisons rivers and lakes, damages trees, and kills wildlife. When automobiles burn gasoline, air toxins come out of the tailpipes. These air toxins are combustion products--chemicals that are produced when a substance is burned (Clean Air.).
             As the population of the Northwest increases, automobiles have been increase incredibility also. Automobiles have become a disastrous results. More people prefer to drives because of the stereotype of the city. It is the American dream of trying to create a sense of "my space". Space are now for automobiles. While you might expect industry to be the biggest air polluter, it's actually automobiles. .
             It's time for us to change our way of thinking about the environment. To be able to decrease the amount of automobiles on the road, we should make people pay the prices for the impact of the commodity. If the gas prices would increase to five dollars a gallon, people will drive a lot less. But as long as automobiles and gasoline are relatively inexpensive, people will choose to do most of their traveling in cars.
             TriMet's public transportation is an essential to improve the air quality- significantly reducing the emission of air pollutants.

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