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air pollution

             The article I read was about the affects of air pollution on the human heart, and on sufferers of asthma. The article describes how even the smallest increases in in air pollution can drastically change the chances of a person having a heart attack. As well the article proves how air pollution alone can trigger an asthma attack, where as before many people thought in order to have an asthma attack there had to be allergen present. .
             One fact that proves this article's point is that over a 5 year period scientists collected air pollution samples and came to the conclusion that a 10% increase in carbon monoxide increases heart and stroke deaths by 46%. That means that for every 1 unit increase in carbon monoxide there are 2 or more extra deaths a year. .
             Another test scientists used to explore the related problems with asthma and air pollution is that they gave mice an allergen that would cause them to develop asthma. Next the scientists gave the mice an aerosolized noseful of diesel particles. The mice had an immediate asthma attack. However scientists also proved that mice that were not given the allergen to begin with also reacted to the diesel particles.
             Overall after reading this article I was very surprised to see how just a little increase in air pollution can cause so much trouble for people. If we continue to pollute our air and deplete our o-zone then it's inevitable that we will all slowly develop weaker hearts and lungs and in the end our disregard for our environment will lead to our deaths. I feel that not enough people are exposed to this type of data. Of course though many people know about the hazards of air pollution and pretend to care, but if we do not stress this issue more and more then we will all eventually pay the price and so will the younger generations to come.

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