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Affirmative Actions

            While it is the popular belief that affirmative action receive racial preferences, such is not so according to AAUW public policy and Government and Relation Department articles, affirmative action does not promote quotas. According to the AAUW article entitled, "Affirmative Action: Myth vs. Reality, this is not the case. AAUW argues that affirmative action has many values and must be preserved. AAUW claims, "race, gender, and national origin are factors that can be considered when hiring or accepting qualified applicants but relevant and valid job or educational qualifications are not to be compromised." Hiring women and minorities whom deserve their jobs given is the sole purpose of affirmative action policies.
             AAWU also attempts to dispel the popular belief that minorities do not need affirmative action. According to AAWU, though minorities have maintained gains in society." Minorities remain one of the most underrepresented in most "non traditional professional occupations as well as blue-collar trades." Statistically, white men are only forty-three percent of the work force. Yet, they maintain a strong hold of ninety-five percent of the senior management jobs. White men dominate the top jobs in virtually every field. White men area actually the minority in the work force. Since nineteen ninety-eight, women were only twenty-six percent of lawyers, 1.2 percent airplane pilots, 17.9 percent were architects. .
             With very few minorities in the workforce, Affirmative Action helps those who cannot alone stand up to big corporate networks. Corporations, according to the statistics given, the policy not only dispels quotas, but gives opportunities for others less fortunate to prove their self worth. Affirmative action is much needed. Statistics show that affirmative action has not led to reverse discrimination. The majority of the claims filed against affirmative action were by white men only.

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