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Oedipus Rex

             "Oedipus Rex" is an ancient greek play, by Sophocles, that looks at the life of Oedipus and his outrageous discovery that he killed his father and married his mother. Oedipus shows character traits such as, hubris, strong will, and intelligence. These traits allows him to solve the riddle of the Sphinx that led to him becoming king. Ironically, it is these traits that cause Oedipus" downfall. Which eventually leads to Iokaste's suicide and Oedipus" self-inflicted blindness.
             Oedipus was without doubt a wise man, for he had solved the riddle of the Sphinx and saved Thebes. The priest verbalizes his and the citizens of Thebes" respect of Oedipus" intellect with his request, "You are not one of the immortal gods, we know; yet we have come to you to make our prayer As to the man of all men best in adversity and wisest in the ways of God" (Sophocles 975). The citizens of Thebes know of Oedipus" intelligence, and they need him to rid Thebes of the destruction that threatens the city.
             Not only do the citizens of Thebes believe Oedipus to be intelligent, but Oedipus believes, himself to having a better mind. Oedipus diplays his intelligence when he responds to Creon, "Then once more I must bring what is dark to light" (977). King Oedipus" reply was arrogant, however, he did solve the riddle of the Sphinx when no one else could. Unfortunately for King Oedipus and Queen Iokaste, Oedipus" strong intelligence eventually solved the murder of Laios.
             Another of King Oedipus" character traits appeared to be his pride. During the play Oedipus shows a great deal of pride as he describes, Whether you come in dread, or crave some blessing: Tell me and never doubt that I will help you in every way I can ." (974). Oedipus believes that he can do almost anything he sets his mind too. He proved it when he solved the riddle of the Sphinx. Now, Oedipus must solve the murder of Laios and bring them to justice.

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