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how children learn

            Children learn to like to read better through creatively experiencing the story rather than.
             There are many factors that play into how appropriate a book is.
             for a child of a certain age: one of those factors is readability. When children are able to.
             see and hear a story simultaneously, it is easier for them to understand the story and retain.
             information. If children are able to physically interact with certain aspects of the story, it.
             brings the story to life for them and keeps them interested. .
             For a child to enjoy reading it is vital for the book to be on his or her reading.
             capability level. "Children who learn early in childhood that books are fun are more likely.
             to remain readers throughout life. They also learn to read more easily" (Brisbane 428). .
             Although it is a short period of time, 20 minutes of reading can make a difference in a.
             child's life (www.bookpage.com), therefore our presentation will be approximately 20.
             minutes long. Twenty minutes is a time frame that is short enough for a child to keep his.
             or her attention on one activity, but long enough for them to develop his or her reading.
             skills. To make sure our book, A Bad Case Of The Stripes, is on a third grade reading.
             level, we tested it against Fry's readability graph. Edward Fry's readability chart analyzes a.
             100 word passage of the book and breaks it down into syllables and short sentences. .
             From this you are able to match it with the corresponding grade level (http://school.
             discover.com). Fry's readability graph states that for third graders the average 100 word.
             passage should contain 9.2 sentences and have 124 syllables (http://school.discover.com). .
             Even though we will be reading the story to them, it is still important for it to be on their.
             reading level. "Learning to listen gives kids an affinity for books"(Parents 118). The.
             children must be able to understand the content of the book on their own, so they are not.
             discouraged in their reading.

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