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Learn to Learn, Learn to Love

             "At the turn of the century a child was found in the forests of a small village in France. The child had been abandoned for dead by his parents. By some miracle he did not die in the forest. He survived, not as a child, even though he was physically a human being, but rather as an animal. He walked on all fours, made his home in a hole in the ground, had no meaningful language above an animal cry, knew no close relationships and cared about no one or no thing except survival. .
             Cases such as these "have been reported from the beginning of time. They have in common the fact that if man is raised as an animal he will behave as an animal, for man "learns- to be human. Just as man learns to be a human being, so he learns to feel as a human being, to love as a human being (Buscalgia, 53)."".
             This excerpt from Leo Buscaglia's book, Love, explains well an important concept surrounding the issue of what children need most. He continues on to explain how love is a learned emotion or response and not something that exists naturally in a human being. In order to learn love, the person must learn to learn well. This, I believe, is a very important idea that should be considered a basis for discerning what a child needs most in life. .
             I think a child should be taught not only to learn, but also to learn how to love. A child's culture, family life and environment, are the areas of a child life where he or she will learn to learn and learn to love. If these areas are lacking in the elements needed to provide adequate teaching, than I think the child is more likely to have a less than satisfying life. .
             These circumstances are present in many children's lives today and, I believe, are responsible for the diversion from morals and depletion of respect that is apparent in many children. I believe to be deprived of love is to be deprived of life because life without love is life without understanding, compassion, confidence and satisfaction.

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