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             As long as humans are graced with a mind, they will no doubt be curious and search for a universal truth. The truth may never be agreed on, nor may it never be found. Either way, truth is an aspect of life that dumbfounds and confounds humankind. .
             Socrates is said to have been on a search for the truth. He knew not what truth he was trying to find, or even how to find it. The god of Delphi named Socrates the wisest man alive. After this was revealed to Socrates, he wanted to understand the statement made. Was Socrates really the smartest man alive? Socrates reasoned that in order to be the smartest man alive, he must know that he knows nothing. Part of the reason that Socrates was put on trial was that he had angered many different important, influential, and so-called "wise" men. Socrates created his own enemies by examining their "wisdom" and proving that they had none. He believed that he was indeed their superior because he recognized that he knew nothing. The others claimed to know about things they really had no idea about. They were never questioned or suspected by anyone but Socrates. In his search for his own position in the world, he encountered an even more intriguing search, the search for the truth.
             Gilgamesh's search was for eternal life. In conducting this search, he also encountered the truth. After watching his friend, Enkidu, parish, Gilgamesh strived to find a way to live forever. Facing mortality would prove to be his biggest fear. Gilgamesh believed that the gods could grant him eternal life. His reasoning was understandable. He came from a royal family. His grandfather, Lukalbanda, is said to have lived for 1200 years. Why then could Gilgamesh not live to be that age or even older? Gilgamesh was also two-thirds god. If the majority of his being were god, would he not live forever as the gods do? Such questions never weighed on Gilgamesh's mind until the death of Enkidu.

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