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            Slavery was a huge issue going on in the United States in the 1800s, and every time that there is an issue going on there are always two parties who disagree with each other. In this case, the people who lived in the South known as the Confederate states supported slavery, and the people who lived in the North, known as the Union states opposed slavery. People who were strongly against slavery were called abolitionists, and these were people who put their own lives at risk many times trying to get their messages and beliefs through to other people. Two of the most popular and well-known abolitionists are William Lloyd Garrison, and Frederick Douglass. These two men fought hard for black people's freedom, and Douglass even risked his life to escape from being a slave. In order to get this messages out to the people, both men traveled around to states all over the country and told their personal life stories and beliefs to try and persuade people to be against slavery. Both of coarse knew a lot about slavery, but especially Douglass since he was a former slave. He told personal stories of how horrible it was to be a slave and horrible their master treated them. Douglass told real life stories that occurred on mostly every plantation. They wanted to inform the people who did not know much about slavery, just what it was really about and what really happened. The two men together also traveled to different countries to explain to the people about how wrong the United States government and the Confederate states really were to let slavery happen. They also explained how allowing slavery was against the Declaration of Independence, and how it also took away each slave's own personal rights, which was again, against the law.
             Frederick Douglass was born in 1818 on the Eastern shores in the state of Maryland on a farm known as "Holme Hill Farm- in Talbot county, to his mother Harriet Bailey also a slave.

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