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Life on other Planets

            Is their life on other planets? I believe that there is. I think this because the Martian Meteorite was found a long time ago. The Meteor was from the planet Mars. Mars contains water, and organisms can form with water. I also believe this because it has Chemicals from the atmosphere, Fossil-like formations, Chemical building blocks, and we also know the approximate date of the meteorite. These things give me reasons why I believe it contains life.
             I believe it contains life because it has chemicals from the atmosphere in the meteorite. Mineral deposits formed from the carbon and oxygen in the Martian Meteorite atmosphere. It is believed they were dissolved in the water at the planet surface, and carried into the rock through tiny cracks. If the water, oxygen and carbon combined together it could cause a chemical reaction that may cause life.
             Fossil-like formations were also found showing possible structures of tiny, ancient bacteria. However, they are also similar to other structures not related to living organisms. The fossils show the life of the organisms. This shows the imprint or structure that something was once there.
             Chemical building blocks that are chemical compounds that are similar to proteins were found. Also, other chemicals that form from these building blocks when microorganisms die were found that where once alive.
             The Approximate date of the meteorite was about 4.5 billion years ago. This is about the time Mars was formed. Some evidence shows as Mars was forming during this time. Pieces fell off this planet cause some material to fall to earth.
             The Meteorite also has six characteristics of life showing that at one time it could contain life. Cellular Organization, Chemicals of life, growth & development, respond to surroundings and reproduction. This means it contained life because it had these living organisms. .
             After studying the meteor I believe it does contain life, because it has all the things a living organisms needs to live.

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