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Violence against Homeless

             Homeless people are considered the pests of society and are not treated with the respect that they deserve. Many homeless were well respected people in the community but now they are just scapegoats and are considered enclave cultures which will have no benefit to society but instead lowers its standings. A group of people working together to change some of the laws and ideals in society is the basis of an enclave culture. People are forced into these cultured and try to make the best of it while trying to be normal part of society (which usually fails). The only way the homeless could ever lower a society's standings is through people's thoughts on the homeless. If people think that homeless are a nuisance then the standings lower but if people think the homeless can be beneficial (through work, advice, or example) then the standings will rise. I believe that the homeless can be very useful in the community and that they deserve a lot more respect. .
             Girard Describes a scapegoat as someone who takes the blame for another person's wrong doing and suffers the consequences of the other person's actions. In the process of suffering the consequences, the scapegoat is labeled as a nuisance in society by other people in the community therefore they receive much more blame than they originally had. Therefore when the scapegoat dies so does the blames/problems they placed on them. Girard also explains that a scapegoat is also the means to solve a problem because if there is an argument between groups a scapegoat can be chosen and killed to correct the problem (this does not always work though). John Grisham describes a similar scapegoat in his book titled "The Street Lawyer". In this book a homeless man follows a lawyer into a law firm and begins threatening the lawyer and his co-workers. The homeless man is doing this because this specific law firm led to the closure of a homeless shelter where he and many of his fellow homeless people stayed, now they are stuck out on the streets.

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