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Organzied Crime and War on Drugs

            James Rosenau's most important casual factor on the subject of organized crime and the war on drugs is that of the nature of the international system. Included in this factor just to name a few, are geographic realities, basic configuration of power in the international system, and the level of dispersion of technical capabilities among the states and non-state actors in that system. Rosenau has contended that globalization and the spread of technology have made citizens more skillful in gathering and using a variety of information and analyzing how it affects them. .
             The recent rise in the magnitude, intensity, and complexity of crime around the world threatens the safety of citizens everywhere and obstruct countries in their social, economic and cultural development. The dark side of globalization allows multinational criminals to broaden their range of operations from drug and arms trafficking to money laundering and trafficking in human beings. .
             Organized criminals accrue huge sums of money through drug trafficking, arms smuggling, financial crime and other illegal proceeds. Drug smuggling by migrants, often at high risk to the migrants and at great profit for the offenders, deals with the problem of confinement, in which the desire of people to seek a better life is taken advantage of by organized criminal groups. Migrants are often confined or forced into exploitive or oppressive forms of employment, often in the sex trade or dangerous occupations, with the illicit incomes generated going to organized crime. .
             Another negative aspect of globalization in the 21st century is that borders are more accessible, trade barriers have collapsed and information speeds around the world with the click of a mouse. Business is steadily rising - and so is transnational organized crime. These large criminal groups often portray as legitimate business by forming multinational alliances to extend their reach and push up profits.

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