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            If you have ever been to a family reunion you probably know it can educe some of the most awkward moments in your life. A gathering of all those people you haven't seen in years, how fun! Maybe there are reasons not to see those people. Never the less they are your family and you have to deal with them, from the drunk uncle to the distant aunts you don't remember but still do hesitate to comment on how big you've gotten. These are the people that make a family reunion fun however because without them there would be no awkward moments, no times when someone remembers your first, middle and last names and you have never seen them in your life. All this is what a family reunion so great.
             Now, when you first walk into a family reunion you notice one thing; all the old people seem to know each other like they had coffee the day before but you don't seem to recognize anybody. This is because it's probably true. You have to understand something about your senior citizen friends, they are retired and have nothing to do with there lives. All they have to do now is catch up on the good old times with other old retired people. It's kind of pathetic if you think about it. So basically for these people the family reunion is just like another day with the old folk.
             The second thing you have to notice is the abundance of little kids running around. Where they hell do they all come from in a year? It's like there's a never ending supply of kids, which isn't really a bad thing. The kids usually supply the entertainment for the reunion because they"re just more fun to watch than senior citizens. The reunion is basically only tolerable because of the children.
             As you can see a family reunion is not the greatest thing in the world nor even close being a good thing at all. It quit interesting to go though. You get to see all the people you really don't care to see anyway. But hey, it's you family and without those crazy bastards where would you be?.

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