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world war II

             In light of the meeting scheduled to take place tomorrow between Secretary of State Hull, representative Kurusu Saburo and Admiral Nomura Kochisaburo, I felt it urgent to dispatch my thoughts to you immediately. It has now been eleven days since the mandate of Prime Minister Tojo: either meet his demands for hegemony in Asia or prepare for war. Keep in mind the Japanese empire's complete disregard for Secretary of State Hull's note, calling for a peaceful agreement to leave Indochina and China within two years and to guarantee China's sovereignty. Prime Minister Tojo decided it was he who should have the upper hand in making the decisions. In light of this and several other facts, I think it should be clear that Japan is not interested in making peace - they are interested only in controlling all of Asia and the Pacific Islands, at whatever cost. In light of this and the recent threats of warfare, I feel it is important to consider any and all possible courses of action that Japan may take. Seeing as it has been almost two weeks since warfare was promised, I feel this is rather urgent. It is clear that Prime Minister Tojo is no longer interested in negotiations. He is only interested in bloodshed.
             I consider the following facts to be most unsettling and therefore worthy of the highest considerations:.
             Through the seizure of the Netherlands and France in the summer of last year, Germany now has complete control over the economic resources of Western and Central Europe. This, in turn, brought about the first great change in the global strategic situation. Moreover, with Germany now controlling the vast majority of Europe, it has shown us that no land is unattainable for the Nazi's. Everything is under attack and Hitler, like Prime Minister Tojo, will stop at nothing. .
             The fact that these two bloodthirsty powers, along with Italy's Mussolini, have organized the Tripartite Pact, is incredibly disturbing.

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