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UFO's and Extraterrestrial Int

            The question "Are We Alone in the Universe?" has been brought up and speculated on for thousands of years. My answer to the above question is I don't know. I will not try to give you answers in this essay, because as of now nobody knows the answer. I will merely speculate on this subject based on the information we obtain at present. .
             The question of UFO's and intelligent life on other planets has become very popular. UFOs stand for Unidentified Flying Objects, which are any object in the sky that the viewer cannot recognize. Many scientists believe that we cannot be alone in the universe. There have been many unreported sightings of UFO's. Many of them however are found to be hoaxed or misperceptions. However among the thousands and thousands of sightings surely some of them have to be genuine. Some researchers believe that there were UFO sightings in ancient times. The evidence however is highly speculative. The next significant reports came into existence during World War I and there were also reports during World War II. Many people point out that UFO's do not and cannot exist and quote Physics and science to back them up. But we have to realize that we can only attempt to describe the universe in terms relative to things that we can measure. Just because UFO has not definitely been measured (as far as we officially know) does not prove they do not exist. John G. Fuller in the book UFO's? Yes! says "I would point out that we have always been bombarded by certain wavelengths of radio as universal background noise from the edge of the universe. Until we discovered a way to generate and use radio for our own purposes, we had no way to know of it's existence "out there" Now that technology exists to "listen", we can use that information to add to the description of the universe." Who knows how many other means of describing the universe have yet to be discovered? Infinity is a very big place and we see only a very narrow spectrum of such a small piece of it.

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