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Extraterrestrial Intelligence

             Some people think extraterrestrial life is reality. Others think it is just a fictitious character in science fiction novels and movies for entertainment purposes. The search for extraterrestrial life has been going on for many decades. Numerous people have been involved in this search, organizations have been formed, and people have proclaimed of seeing signs of these questionable creatures around the world. The question is "do you really think that we are the only living, thinking, and producing beings in the universe?" .
             Finding life in other places than earth requires many things. The United States has sent many probes to examine unfamiliar places in the solar system. Voyager, Mariner, Pioneer, and Magellan are just a few probes that have been propelled towards the universe for answers. As the U.S. sends probes looking for life, they are also gathering scientific information about the composition and geological patterns of the planet to see if life has a possibility to form. Trying to be discovered is also a hurdle that the U.S. is working to jump over. One example of this is the Pioneer 10 Probe. It was made for sending out into space for other life forms to find it. On this probe is a plaque with many aspects of life here on earth: the metamorphosis of a neutral hydrogen, the silhouette of the spacecraft, the position of the sun relative to pulsars and the center of the galaxy, our nine planets, and a drawing of the male and female bodies. This probe has traveled the furthest distance at seven billion miles away towards a star called Aldebarn; it still travels to this day. (How).
             Searching for these different creatures has brought about many organizations. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have contributed greatly to the matter of finding extraterrestrial intelligence. It was created in 1958 to administer all of the space explorations and activities in the United States.

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