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The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

            SETI is an acronym that stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Lamb 2001). It refers to the efforts being done to detect the existence of technological civilizations present elsewhere in the universe. It is partly believed that there may be a possibility of life located billions of miles from the Earth's solar system (Shuch 2011). With current technology, it is possible to discover evidence of any habitation in the cosmos. Further, the use of ETI experiments is tasked to find if there are beings living in the universe, which are of the same or more advanced technological levels than that of humans. It is prudent to note that there is still no confirmed case where SETI search has received extraterrestrial signal. However, in the SETI experiments, there have been several intriguing and unexplained signals detected (Shuch 2011). One of these is the signal that was picked up in 1977 at the Ohio State Radio Observatory center. However, if such signals could be recovered or received frequently, then this could go a long way in this search. .
             There are several scientific methods used for SETI projects. One of these is the electromagnetic radiation, which is monitored for any signs of transmissions from other civilizations (Lamb 2001). These projects are run by several stakeholders but the main ones include Harvard University, SETI Institute, and University of California, Berkeley. The United States government had been funding NASA SETI Project, but later stopped. However, this has since been resumed, though much of the funding has been coming from private individuals and other entities. There have been some challenges in funding and searching cosmos for any signals or signs of existence of life. This is especially true in identifying and interpreting the same. SETI makes use of the most advanced technological applications available in conducting these experiments (Lamb 2001).

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