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Search For Extraterrestrial Life

            Our solar system contains nine small planets and a miniature star called the sun. We live in the Milky Way galaxy that contains around 200 billion stars called the Milky Way Yes, the Milky Way is astronomically greater than our solar system, though to the Universe, our galaxy is only like a grain of sand on the beaches of Florida. To that extent, we can conclude that our universe is extremely large and gives us reason to believe that there could be extraterrestrial life living in a solar system just like our own. We can conclude that because a long time ago, right after the big bang galaxies were forming, just like our own. With so many galaxies, it is possible that some that formed just like our own solar system.
             In order determine the possibilities for extraterrestrial life, we need to examine how our own solar system and its nine planets and sun formed, in our solar system, earth needs to be examined, to see what life is; what we need to determine condition, life needs in order to exist; and that we need to discover where extraterrestrial life might be able to develop. Then if all were certain, we would need a way to communicate with the other beings. After that we will have some kind of idea of the possibilities of extraterrestrial life elsewhere.
             Long ago, before our planet earth existed, our solar system was a spherical cloud of gas and dust, and as wide as a light year (9.5 trillion kilometers across). The cloud was dense and started to contract its own gravitational forces that made it shrink smaller and start to spin faster. As gravity pulled the matter in toward the cloud it became denser to its perpendicular axis. That would explain why the spherical cloud turned into a pancake shape, and why the sun is in the middle of the solar system. (McDonough1).
             As the sun grew bigger and more dense, it had a gravity effect that started to make separate clouds. These clouds too could have been miniature stars like our sun, but did not have enough matter and density to do so.

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