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dramatic structure

            Dramatic structure is seen in all of literature. Most people don't know that it is also seen in advertisements, mostly television commercials. The majority of them follow the same pattern of the protagonist reaching they"re final fate. Whether the protagonist ends up with a tragic or comic ending, just like in any form of literature. Both of these forms are unique and very important.
             Dramatic structure means how the work is put together. Almost all-literary, dramatic and cinematic works have the same basic form, though there are several ways of looking at the form. One simpler way of describing it is order, chaos, order restored. There is order in the land, chaos enters and, after many struggles, order is restored. There are many words, which could be used to help describe dramatic structure even further, but only the key words will be presented. Dramatic structure has two plot structures. One is comic, which means the protagonist experiences some thing to improve his/her fortune. The other is tragic. That means that protagonist experiences a downfall in their fortune. Hamartia is an error of judgement or a tragic flaw. Hubris is when the protagonist experiences an overwhelming sense of pride, arrogance, and self-confidence, which leads to chaos. Catharsis is an emotional discharge that brings around a sense of renewal or welcomes relief from some sort of tension. .
             Irony is considered one of the most important terms. It refers to how a person, situation, statement, circumstance is not exactly what it seems to be. There are three types of irony, verbal, dramatic, and cosmic. Verbal irony is when the speaker means something different than what he/she is saying; also the audience realizes that because of the knowledge they already have that the opposite of what the speaker is saying is true. Dramatic irony is when the characters do not know facts but the audience knows them. The third irony is cosmic.

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