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Dramatic Literature

             Thespis, first tragedy writer stepped out of chorus for a solo. Possible influence by Egyptian ritual- Isis & Osiris story. dionysia (4 celebrations each winter in Athens, featured drama contests attempting to secure fertility and crop growth-3 days long, 3tragedies, 1 satyr each, paid for by civic duty of wealthy Athenians. G humanizing of gods built temples sacrifices-G drama explains the divine approach to favor and disfavor. orchestra=center. skene=scene house, backstage. proskenion=raised stage in front of skene perform) .mekane =actors lowered onto stage and enacted roles of olypian gods messing with human affairs. Deus ex machine= the god from the machine. rescue characters, last minute, unsatisfying means of solving problems no religious text TRAGEDY, focused on person of noble birth. moira=fate. catharsis=purging of pity and fear, tragedy could only befall the great.Kenn Burke=purpose passion perception. purpose-stuff-passion=trying to resolve-perception=trajic fate would rather not face, greatest punishment. anagnorisis=recognition of perception of truth. peripeteia= figures fortunes reversedChorus=12-15 men, represented citizens, originally no separate actors, wore masks. Thespis=6thc. first to step from chorus, and talk with it Agon, dramatic confrontation. won first prize for tragedy in 532bc took several parts and wore masks. Aeschylus-first important G tragedian whos work survives added a 2nd actor, Sophocles 3rd. Prologue, estb. problem. Agons- developed relationship. exodus, concluded action inbetween. parados-moving onstage.stasima-standing still, strophe-odes while moving rtol.antistrophe while moving back to r. SATYR-, chorus dressed as half beast half man ran around with a fake penis. slapstick humor.Cyclops, Euripides only to survive. COMEDY Aristophanes (lysistrata) old comedy, individuals personally attacked, coarse and brassy humor, not vicious, concentrated on farce.

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