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Ordinary Courage

             The travels of Joseph Plumb Martin's enlistment during the Revolutionary War are very well depicted throughout his book. Sacrifice, growth, and freedom gleam out from the pages and stare you in the face. Martin did not only fight against the British but also against his will to survive. His loyalty to the Continental army and his fellow soldiers shows his patriotism toward his soon to be country. Throughout history only famous leaders are remembered and viewed as icons, but Martin shows the hard work that had to be accomplished by every ordinary soldier for the great leaders be remembered. For every single leader remembered there stand thousands of soldiers that had the ordinary courage to stand up and fight.
             I believe that the Continental army stood for many things in Martin's life. The single issue I feel is the most important is his desire to be in the army and be called a soldier; "A Man." In his teen years I could see the importance of him wanting to be apart of something and fight for his country, but I believe he did not understand the amount of hard work and sacrifice that every man went through to receive this title. During his campaign enlistment of 1776 he was blinded by the desire for the Continental army because anyone in their right mind would have went a-wall due to the lack of food and clothing. This time period must reflect his society's ability to work hard for their goals. Modern America would have gone home running long before Martin. Now Martin's campaign of 1778 makes me use my imagination. Why Martin? Why? Martin knew of the sacrifice and living conditions he would be in yet he returned to serve the Continental army. The only logical hypothesis is that martin believed in the ability of the army to defeat Britain and he must have foreseen the greatness his country would one day have.
             Secondly the issue of the Patriots vs. the British comes to mind. Nowhere in Martin's writing does he state that he hates the British soldiers and wishes them arm.

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