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The Death Penalty

             When someone commits a crime as horrendous as murder, it has often been debated what to do with such a person. What exactly is justice for someone who has taken another's life? Many people will jump to say that the only way justice can be carried out is through the death penalty. However is the death penalty really justice? When is it alright to kill? Is there a specific time and occasion that the act of murder should be allowed and even celebrated? The issue of the death penalty is one that has been debated in society for quite some time, however in today's day in age; it is fairly obvious that the death penalty is a useless hypocritical act of violence. It does not deter crime, the system itself is extremely corrupt filled and with discrimination, furthermore the death penalty is an enormous unnecessary expense for hard working tax payers. The death penalty may seem like a solution to rid the streets of evil murders, but it really is not.
             In society there seems to be a universal understanding that the intentional murder of another human being is wrong. So when a person commits the crime of murder against another, where is the justice and morality in punishing the person by taking their life; how can we punish for killing by killing? It would be like a person stealing something and then the justice system stealing something of theirs; two wrongs do not make a right. The death penalty is a hypocritical act and does not create any sufficient punishment for the murder. The criminals in fact are let off easy, while on the other hand, a sentence of life imprisonment is truly taking away someone's life. The murders are cut of from the rest of the world and will be forced to live in isolation and live with the crime(s) they committed for the rest of their lives. Therein lays the real justice. Now people opposed to life in prison and in favour of the death penalty may say that with life in prison people are often paroled long before their sentence is complete.

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