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             Imagine yourself about to prepare a big Barbecue for a large group. You need to go shopping to get some meats and other items to cook. You pick the usual things, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, and pork chops but decided you want to try something new. You're walking down the aisle, and your eyes notice a large piece of big red meat sitting next to roast in the meat department. You pick it up and it weighs about 7 to 8 pounds and does not have a bone in it anywhere. It's fatty on one side; however it's bright red and seems to be enjoyable if prepared correctly. You decided that this would be perfect to feed the amount of guests you're planning to have. There is one small catch; you have had it before but have no idea on how to prepare this beef for eating. .
             According to Steven Raichlen, author of The Barbecue Bible, "a barbecue brisket is simultaneously one of the easiest and most challenging recipes in the world to barbecue."" It can be both tender and flavorful while at the same time not being overly smoked, bitter, and tough. To demonstrate effective barbecuing of the brisket, I'm are going to spend some time telling you how and what to look for in selecting a brisket, how to begin preparing the brisket, as well as cooking to achieve optimum results needed to serve a competition quality brisket.
             I. Selecting a brisket is a combination of skill and luck.
             a. This process involves not the largest, but instead chooses a cut from a medium size cow which cut average 8 to 10 pounds.
             b. Select a brisket that is flexible, pliable, good marble (fatty side) and bright red.
             c. Remove the outside fat that will not render .
             II. Through the rigorous process of selecting a brisket, we have selected the best brisket and trimmed it to perfection. Now it is time to prepare the brisket for seasoning.
             a. A liquid marinade will only penetrated the meat ΒΌ in .
             b. Spread mustard over the entire brisket and then season with a dry seasoning for tenderization.

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