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My Bad Habit

             One of my bad habits that I have is the way I study for tests. I put my studying off till the last minute or I just don"t study at all. I think this habit occurred when I entered college. When I was in middle and high school, I always had teachers to remind me to study and every now and then give out study guides to follow for a test. Sometimes, just to have their guidance in studying would also help. During the time of high school my teachers would always say, "we are preparing you for college as in homework load and studying." Till today I believe it was a bunch of crap but apparently I didn"t get the picture because I still have problems with studying.
             I understand that studying is supposed to be a tool to help me on a test but my tool is having some technical difficulties. I have tried different approaches to studying. One approach includes studying with someone. I start off studying but then my attention is taken away after 30 minutes. At times I"ll make plans to study once or twice a week with my study partner but end up canceling. Canceling only to find myself doing something that's fun or something that better gains my interest. .
             Secondly, I would try to read my book and attempt to make a study guide. I"ll start off making a study guide but won"t finish it. The study guide that I do start on I get lazy and don"t bother going back to read over the material. And even after that, the words begin to turn into a blur and the television looks more appealing.
             And last but not least, I would try to read the material before it is taught in class. Sometimes I successfully read the whole entire chapter but I would forget the material I"ve just read. I don"t know if it's just that I have a short attention extend because, you can say one thing to me and an hour later I would not remember. Most of the times I would just get bored with the material and that's very often that that happens.

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