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My secret life as a SUPERMAN

            Drrrrrrrr my phone rings "hey , my cat is stuck on a tree ! Can you help him please hurry ".I put on my red, white and blue suite and flying out of the door to save the poor Cat! Yes you guessed right ,in my free time I am superman .I help anyone , even if they don't yet know that they need my help I will help them anyway . ok , lets start from the beginning let me tell you what inspired me to became what I am now , and maybe it will give you some inspiration in you life as well and you will join me in my crusade to help the world. .
             It all started on a beautiful Monday morning when I was going to school as usual with my friends, I was looking around, scanning the horizon for girls and talking with my friend, in one word the things any normal 16 year old boy would do on his way to school .but then without noticing I bumped into a light pole and fell on the grass, and everything went dark! I don't know for how long I was lying there unconscious but when the clouds that where standing before me went away I saw 5 pairs of eyes staring at me . After a few seconds or minutes I started hiring voices "hey are you ok Are you still alive? Can u hear me?".
             I started moving my eyes around me. Trying to understand where am I and what happened to me. The first thing I saw was a strange magazine near my had. When my vision vas strong enough to focus on it, I saw a strange sign on the cover with a letter S in the middle. All of sudden I felt something touching me I moved my eyes and saw my friend's hand trying to pull me up .after a couple of unsuccessful attempts I stood up and went to school . after six boring hours of math, physics and bible I came home opened my backpack I saw the strange magazine between my books, im sure I didn't put it there I though to my self ,I pulled it out and opened on the first page, wow, its was all full of comics drawings with a strange guy in a red robe flying around and helping people.

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