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Chilren are victims of all ages

             Children are the victims of all ages and eras. They are sensitive and fragile, as they always need the adults' advice, care and love. However, through this age of materialism people forget their beloved children because they are either dreaming of money or fame. Therefore, we always realize that the children are trying to cling to their lives alone.
             Several people have had the dream to correct the sins and errors of the human society. Hamlet Prince of Denmark, a Shakespearean tragedy, tells the story of a young man, by the name of Hamlet, who gained the knowledge of a terrible incident that his kingdom had suffered. Hamlet is a victim of his own humanity. The decisions he must make, make him human, and his indecisiveness makes him a man. Hamlet was a victim and a hero within his kingdom. He had knowledge of the vicious deception brought upon by his uncle, and he was the only person capable of correcting or at least trying to justify the death of his father. He was the only child of his parents, however, his father's ghost asked Hamlet to avenge his death, and Hamlet's procrastination to do so adds to his humanity. "The play dramatizes the perpetual struggle to which all civilization that is genuine is doomed" (Alexander 184). Hamlet reconciles his mother's hasty actions after the death of his father in lines one hundred thirty-seven through one hundred fifty-seven (Hamlet Prince 71). He begins with, "But not two months dead! --Nay, not so much, not two," which clearly shows disgust in the hastiness of the marriage between his mother and his uncle. Hamlet is considered as Shakespearean victim, Hamlet is a complex story of revenge, the lack of love, and the "madness" of Hamlet.
             Hamlet is presented by Shakespeare as the ideal man. Hamlet is what every man should be and as such an extreme, he is also presented with an extreme situation. "He is a superman among men" (G.W. Knight 38). .
             As for The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams (1911-1983), the idea conveyed in this play is that of image versus reality.

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