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"The Ages of Man:" Anticipations

             The Golden Age was a time of laughter, dancing, and other pleasures. Life was carefree and the earth provided man with everything he needed to reside comfortably. Life was peaceful. There was no aggression, no weapons, and therefore, no need for retribution, laws, or judges. Pain, sorrow, and misery were non-existent. .
             Today's society is far from the Golden Age. In fact, our world actually resembles the Iron Age; an age where grief and disappointment become a part of everyday life. Man had pioneered a world fueled by the production of technology. People were taught to work now and play later. However, the incessant work that fueled our economy also fueled greed, shamelessness, and violence. Men are now willing to lie, cheat, and kill to get the things they want. Modesty and truth dwindle. Loyalty and pity were all but banished from the world. We are living in the worst of times.
             It's no longer safe to walk the streets alone at night. There are predators lurking in the shadows waiting to prey on unsuspecting victims. Murder and crime rates have peaked, and trusting your neighbor is easier said than done. Even churches, which were once sacred ground, have been tarnished by tainted priests. Poverty is overwhelming. The average age of a homeless person in the United States is now nine years old. Suicide rates among teens are nearly as high as the rates during the Great Depression. .
             The humanity that was once valued among people has diminished. Our morals and standards of living have been lessened to a mediocre state. Although these may be the worst of times, as the generations pass and the youth take charge, only then will times change. .

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