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             "What is femininity?" I looked up the dictionary for a definition and I found that femininity is defined as : "the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for women" The answer to this question has different angels from many opinion of people because these ways of behaving as a typical female woman has different concepts. The question relates to how people characterize femininity and how ideal women should be in our society "Saudi society" or other societies. Masculinity and femininity are two adjectives that are widely used in today's society. These terms are used to describe what we view as acceptable and expected behaviors of both men and women in our society. What we view as socially acceptable for men and women sets not only the standard for the way they act, but the way they are perceived. Many of these behaviors are taught to children at a young age. At the same time, masculinity and femininity also have features that are unlearned which leaded to overlapping between the two concepts. .
             In our society we have strict rules especially for women which I think that obligates people in Saudi society to see women as a figure of honor and idealism, a woman who follows all religious and custom rules is the "Saudi feminine ideal" for most of Saudi men. People in our society got used or have this image of the Saudi woman who obeys men no matter what they say, as if he is the captain of the ship and her response to every word he says must be "ay ay sir!!" Islam in our society obligates women to obey men but from my point of view there are limits for those obligations. Women should have the right to cooperate and anticipate in a way or other. I don't say that men and women should be equal in everything but some how in certain things they should. Unfortunately, this image of Saudi women that haunts most of Saudi men's minds has nothings to do with the concept of femininity unlike they indicate.

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