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U.S and Terror

             Accuse Middle Eastern Countries For Supporting Terrorism?.
             Since the beginning of time, there has been good and evil.
             Sometimes there would be a victory on the forefront of evil and sometimes.
             on the forefront of good. This battle between good and evil has changed.
             with time due to new technologies, new culture, and most importantly, new.
             causes. Some evils such as terrorism have changed radically with time.
             Today, terrorism faces a worldwide attention and is claimed to be mostly.
             concentrated in the Arab World. The United States blames a majority of.
             terrorist attacks on the Arab World. However, the U.S. should not accuse.
             the Middle Eastern countries for supporting and executing terrorism because.
             the United States harbors terrorists herself, because the United States.
             acts as a terrorist, and because the United States provokes or causes.
             The United States harbors terrorists within its own national.
             boundaries. The United States encounters terrorism on her own land caused.
             by none other than her own citizens. The best example of such an act was.
             the devastating bomb, which exploded in Oklahoma City. The criminal was.
             none other than a U.S. citizen named Timothy McVeigh. In a recent article,.
             Time's Patrick Cole claims that before McVeigh was sought out as being the.
             one responsible for the bombing the United States blamed a foreign, and.
             more precisely, a Middle Eastern terrorist organization for the activity.
             (26). However, the recently arrested terrorist, known as Theodore.
             Kaczynski, is also an American citizen who executed his evil plots on.
             Americans, from American soil. Moreover, Bruce Hoffman states in his book.
             Inside Terrorism that various other Americans who act as terrorists, live.
             and work on American soil (83). Americans such as Lee Harvey Oswald have.
             committed some events in the past, such as assassinations. Therefore, the.
             United States undoubtedly harbors terrorists who are responsible for most.

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