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             Throughout the history of this world, there have always been many discrepancies of ethnicity, cultures, religions, and philosophies. There are contradictions as there are agreements. There are similarities as there are differences. Peoples, tribes and whole nations have been defined by their traditions and cultures, but cultures have not always produced an affirmative effect. Many of the globe's cultures have always subconsciously indoctrinated a simple, yet multifaceted theology of hate and bias. More prejudice than actual hate. People are taught to associate with one kind and fear others. No one can claim to be free of a sense of prejudice, nepotism, or simply put, favoritism. Even more alarming is the fact that the world's-hypothetically speaking- most civilized and democratic nation is also bursting with revulsion. America's so called war on terror is nothing more than a dastardly and pusillanimous way of controlling and bringing into submission the world's fastest growing religion-Islam- by manipulating the media, exercising ethnic- profiling, and through its foreign policy.
             The arrangements were sinister but nevertheless perfect. The progression would be through the generally American monopolized media. The imperceptible theory would be as follows: one sophisticated, learned and well-developed American citizen is considerably worth much more then a dozen, primitive, unlearned and rather pathetic Afghan nationalists or oppressed Iraqis. The teachings of the bible " an eye for an eye" (Exodus 21:23-25) would be bent a bit. Certainly the world would have to be kept at bay. The images of the war in Afghanistan and now in Iraq are brought into our homes by the largely American media. The media is on the frontline in the war for public opinion. Every accident-or purposeful mistake- would have to be dealt with by means of media relations. Only one year ago, after yet another so called misdirected attack on an Afghan wedding, an American Colonel referred to as Roger King acknowledged, " The U.

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