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Terror in the French revolutio

             i) List the two months in which most executions occurred.
             ii) List 4 crises in France that were blamed on plots and helped led to the terror.
             - Economic difficulties.
             - Civil war in the west (Vendee).
             - Military defeat.
             - Treason abroad.
             iii) Briefly outline 4 steps taken to deal with these plots/ crises.
             1) The convention established the revolutionary tribunal to exercise summary justice in cases involving state security.
             2) The establishment of elected revolutionary watch committees through the beliefs that traitors were every where.
             3) The establishment of a committee of public safety to take whatever measures necessary for internal and external defence.
             4) The passing of a law providing for the trial and execution of armed rebels within 24 hours without a jury or an appeal. .
             Vicki Stangroom.
             Question 2. Sources C, D own knowledge & E plus .
             To what extent was the terror justified?.
             In these sources the extent of the terror is poorly justified. In sources C and D it illustrates the fact that there was large amount of blood shed involved. Source E displays how no one was in control of the terror and how it all got out of control. But in none of these sources does it say that the execution of thousands of people was actually good for the terror. From my own knowledge the more executions there were the more people got scared they would be next, so they would rat people in for being anti revolution and that person would be executed or imprisoned and the circle went on.
             Source C portrays the feelings of the sans-culottes, how they believed the more killings that took place the better of they would be. They said, "the days of forgiveness are now past" which show that they will persist and will make no friends but enemies by killing more of the opposition. They even state that there must be a public sacrifice of traitors, this gives evidence that they were out for more blood. This did little justice, sure many conspirators were caught and executed but there were many more that just said the wrong thing or acted the wrong way and was imprisoned and executed for it.

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