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Reign of Terror

            According to the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen, the Reign of Terror contradicted the main ideas of the French Revolution. These ideas were centered around equality and natural rights, while the Reign of Terror did not show equality by the persecution of thousands innocent people.
             The Declaration of Independence had a great influence of The Rights of Man and Citizen. The French declaration quotes, "born and remain free and equal rights". Also, it promoted, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". In addition to these, freedom of religion and fair taxes played key roles. Throughout the whole declaration the preservation of natural rights was the main focus. .
             One can tell that this document was the outline for all of the main ideas of the French Revolution. Even though the third estate fought for these rights, the Reign of Terror still occurred. The Reign of Terror, July 1793-July 1794, received this name because of the vast amount of executions made throughout that year. About 40,000 people faced the guillotine, where they met their death, while others suffered in crowded prisons. Roughly 30 percent of the deaths consisted of nobles and people from the middle class, therefore that leaves 70 percent of deaths were of the third class.
             That year contradicts everything that was said in their declaration. A right, such as equality was fought for and yet the third class was not treated equal with the other two classes. For instance, 70 percent that were killed that year were peasants and only 30 percent were killed of the other classes combined. That illustrates the injustice shown toward the peasants. .
             Furthermore, the main ideas of the Revolution were to protect people, protect their natural rights and give them equal rights. However, the Reign of Terror was a set back because it killed people, did not protect their rights and had nothing to do with equality. .
             The Reign of Terror was a traumatic event in history that opposed all ideas of the French Revolution.

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