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Robespierre and the Inept Justification for Terror

            In his speech to the National Convention, on February 5,1794, Maximilien Robespierre willingly announces the position of terror by stating that it is needed in order for a country to be dominant. Robespierre rationalizes the use of terror, stating moral excellence is unachievable without terror. He claims that terror is nothing more than invincible justice produced by virtue. Although his definition of terror is somewhat accurate, his justifications for terror are the mere thoughts from the mind of a brutal individual.
             During the National Convention, Robespierre openly gave a speech to justify the method of terror as a way to control the enemies. In the opening of the speech, he tries to win over his audience by taking it upon his self to speak for the people. He states, "What is the goals we strive for? A peaceful enjoyment of liberty and equality, the rule of that eternal justice whose laws are engraved, not upon marble or stone, but in the hearts of all men". Basically, his statement is saying that the goals of all men are striving for a peaceful enjoyment of liberty and reaching equality, which is true. Those are the goals of the people, but the people probably feel that they should not have to use terror to achieve them.
             At the conclusion of his speech, Robespierre rationalizes the use of terror stating that virtue is worthless without terror and terror is powerless without virtue. Robespierre says," If the basis of popular government in time of peace is virtue, the basis of popular government in the time of revolution is both virtue and terror- The statement he makes is inept. It is inappropriate to say that the government should bas virtue on terror. How can virtue and terror be the basis of the government at a time for war? The main result from war is to get peace and terror will only hurt the situation.
             Robespierre reasons for justifying terror, is just a way to be brutal to satisfy his own sick desire.

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