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French Revolution

             The saying," Revolutions devour their own children" is a great saying for the French Revolution. I think it is saying that they wanted a revolution but in the end they were hurt from it. And there are three reasons that back up that quote.
             That quote stands for what the French Revolution was about. One of the people that were affected was the lower class hard working people. They were the poorest and the hungriest yet they had to pay for most of the taxes while King Louis the 14th and his wife spend there time in there huge castle buying anything they want. That made them even madder beside the fact that they had to pay tax on bread. Bad leadership is a downfall in the French Revolution that helps support the quote.
             Many economy problems arose like bad weather so there were bad crops. Also the population expanded along with trade and production. The cost of food had doubled and that caused many people at act out and rebel. France also was still in debt and owed many things which made it hard for people to eat and go on with there daily lives. There was a whole mess of problems with France's economy that they couldn't fix and that was a reason for the downfall that France went through.
             The Reign of Terror is when Maximilien Robespierre came to govern as a dictator for France. In that time period Robespierre sent thousands of unknown people to there deaths by the weakest charges. During this Terror period 3,000 people were executed and some believe that over 40,000 were killed. People were fed of up of all the killings so a group of conspirators demanded his arrest and they got more than that. The following day they put Robespierre under the guillotine and chopped his head off. The French Revolution ended as soon as Maximilien Robespierre died. .
             So basically the quote, "Revolutions devour their own children" means that revolutions are pointless you are only hurting yourselves.

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