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             In which section of the play do we see Oedipus act like the man who killed a number of people for not getting out of the crossroads?.
             Oedipus by nature carries the characteristics and traits of his father; therefore he is hot-tempered and often irrational. One part where we see such traits is when he meets the prophet Teiresias. As he first meets Teiresias he is very hospitable towards him, he calls him there "champion." Oedipus praised him and was glade to see him. Oedipus spattered Teiresias with complements, in moments, however Oedipus hot-temper took over. Oedipus aggression seeped out of him as he mocked Teiresias's disability and called him a liar. He calls the prophet a murder when a minute ago he applauded him as champion. This trait also emerges when Oedipus confront Creon with his accusations. Oedipus explodes on Creon his trusted kinsman, brother in law and a loyal friend. In the beginning of the play he gives Creon highly important tasks. Oedipus regards his opinion highly as well. Now we see he betrays everything and lashes out on Creon calling him a traitor. When really it is Oedipus who fails to see the light and therefore not only betrays himself, but the people around him. He does not really want to hear Creon out. He is already ready to abandon there relationship and kill his friend. He is quick in making choice and therefore he ends up making foolish ones. The warnings are issued everywhere throughout the play, that Oedipus hot-temper will be his doom. The prophet, chorus, and even his wife try to warn him; nevertheless he fails in restraining his temper. Also in the end of the play when the Herdsman is received in Oedipus's house he orders to pursued the old man with pain by twisting his arm. .
             2. How is Creon a voice of reason and restraint in the play? How is he a "foil" (contrast) to Oedipus? .
             Creon is the rational one, he urges Oedipus not to jump to conclusions, but rethink his actions.

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