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             In those days, the people's lives revolved around their Gods. This play is for people to see and realize how blind they are compared to the Gods. Oedipus the King through different key characters demonstrates how blind humans are compared to the Gods. .
             Laius found out from the oracle that his son's fate was to kill his own father. After hearing the inevitable truth, he immediately tried to alter it. But humans, unlike the Gods, cannot tell the future. Laius failed to see that the shepherd he sent to kill Oedipus had a soft heart. Even more, Laius "accidentally" bumped into Oedipus where the three roads meet. Only the Gods knew what really happened that dayoLaius's son slaying his own father. Both Laius and Oedipus were so blind.
             Jocasta who was Laius's wife and Oedipus's mother was also really blind. She, like her husband, also thought the shepherd had killed her son. She then married the new kingoOedipusoafter Laius died. The possibility of Oedipus being Jocasta's son never even crossed her mind. Yet it was the truth. See how blind humans are. .
             Oedipus, he was on top of the world; however he was also the blindest person of the whole play. Unknowingly, he killed his father, married his mother and bored children with her. Oedipus went to the oracle and found out his fate. But like father like son, Oedipus refused to accept it and ran from his adopted parents. On his way, he killed his blood father and cured the plague at Thebes. He then married the beautiful queenoJocasta. Oedipus thought he was the greatest human and so did all the people around him. But they were all blind; Oedipus was an infectious parricide, bringing famine and despair to the land of Thebes. He had indeed blindly, as the Gods predestined, killed his father and married his mother. .
             The play Oedipus the King revolved around human blindness. Through all the different characters, there was blindness. None of people in the play such as Laius, Jocasta or Oedipus could see as far and as clear and the Gods and no human ever will.

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