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From Moments Past

            " actually more like two centuries ago, the fore fathers of the United States created a government, a constitution and all the basic foundations needed to get the newly reborn country off to a positive start. Two hundred years later, some of these basic premises still stand, and some have changed significantly. Would the founders of this way of life agree with all the changes made to their dreams? In some cases, yes, but in others, they would turn over in their graves. American government has changed greatly over the years, some would agree for the better, and other would agree for the worst. By taking a look at what has changed, one can reach a conclusion about what American government means today.
             The forefathers of this country established a democracy, one with different levels of power, because according to James Madison, "ambition must be made to counteract ambition". They were afraid of reaching that point if which there was only one president, then his or her rule could turn into a rule of tyranny. It was discussed that there could be more than one ruler, more than one branch of power so that there would always be a system of checks and balances, and faction could be avoided, or prevented. This system still holds strong today, for the main reason that the forefathers had for separating power was to maintain liberty for all. They also wanted one house to have little to do with the other, meaning that each branch of power was to hold his own duties and responsibilities, independent of that that the other branches performed. This foundation of American government is one that has echoed throughout the years, for it is still the solid layer that the past leaders of this country intended it to be.
             In the United States today, the government is still divided into three governmental powers, the legislative, judicial and executive branches. These powers function independent of each other, but they do need one another in order to stay alive.

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