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Are Genetic Explanations of At

            Jay Joseph wrote in the article "Are Genetic Explanations of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Faulty" that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was supported and caused by genetic factors. I feel that it is not clearly supported and is not relevant to the study. I feel that the studies that he ran on families, twins (identical and fraternal), and on adoption studies were mostly backed by the way environment effects the children with ADHD. There may be evidence that it can also be caused by genetics but I feel that it is mostly caused by environment. I agree with Stephen F. Faraone and Joseph Biederman on the fact that ADHD is an environment induced disease rather than genetic. Joseph states that it is a genetic disease while the other two authors find that it is mostly environmental. .
             Faraone and Biederman were able to support their opinion in many ways. Even though Joseph was running a study against the fact that environment is the cause of ADHD he still made connections between the two. All three authors found that in someway it was caused by environment. Faraone and Biederman showed that the experiment that Joseph made was falsifiable. This is because he ignores parts of the research. These two authors supported their conclusions by proving Joseph wrong and pointing out things that Joseph did not discuss things that are important to the study.
             Joseph had many weak features in his study. He left out much of the important detail and most of the time I felt that he was proving himself wrong. He felt that genetics was the main cause of ADHD when in fact, as his studies went along, environment seemed to be the reason that the disease kept appearing. In his studies on twins, he found that the twins were affected by the environment that they were in. Twins have the same genetic makeup and for one to have it and the other not have it would require another factor to come into play.

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