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death of polonius

            Shakespeare has always incorporated plots and subplots in a skillfull and creative way. In Act 4 of Hamlet, he has incorporated three very important events to ihdentify the plot and create excitement for the audience. The events in Act Four being discussed (in order of time) are: the madness of Ophelia, the return of Laertes to avenge the death of his father and finally the death of Ophelia. All events were put into Act four to bring together the main plot(s).
             The death of Polonius was a shock in the end of act three. It was certain to cause a problem in act four but we did not suspect so many events would occur. The first event of act four was the madness of Ophelia. Shakespeare skillfully made Ophelai go crazy almost as if he was instigating madness (ex. Hamlet is mad). He was starting to put all of the sub plots together to form an actual story.
             The death of Polonius was a tragedy to all of Denamrk but especially for his son Laertes. Laertes hears of his fathers death and vows to avenge it. He was certain the murderer was Claudius but soon found out that Hamlet was the killer. Avenging family deaths in Shakespeare is very common. Shakespeare incorporated vengeance reassure the reader for vengeance was often used in his plays. Shakespeare added the problem of the death of Polonius and revenge of Laertes to the story to foreshadow what would occur later in the play.
             Finallly the last event in act four was the untimely death of Ophelia. She was a well liked character in Hamlet, therefore, her death was a tragic one. By ending Ophelia's life, Shakespeare is building up to the climax in the next few scenes. Ophelia's death helps to establish the major theme of the story that was pride vs. betrayal. .

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