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            The American Dream basically has stayed the same over the past fifty years. Through time, men and women have been educated for, trained for, and dreamed about the chance to succeed in many areas of life. To succeed is the root of the American Dream. The only varying factor is how people go about achieving their goals and what they want their outcome to actually be. All in all, men and women for the past fifty years have had the American Dream to make money so they can succeed in life and have everyone around them, including themselves, to be happy. Elvis Presley, for example, wanted to succeed by simply providing for his loved ones, and he just happened to stumble across stardom. His American Dream was like everyone else's. He wanted to succeed, be happy, and in return, make those around him pleased and proud of his work.
             My so-called American Dream is no different from Elvis's dream in the 1950's. Elvis went into that recording studio in 1953 to record a song for his mother, not knowing a music career would eventually become of it. He only wanted to do something nice for his mother. I only desire to do similar tasks. Mostly everything that I do is because of my parents" influence on my life. For example, I work hard at school not only for myself, but for my mother and father's happiness as well. They set me on a path and I mostly want to become successful not only for my well-being, but to thank my parents for where they have sent me so far in life. I can only hope that I set out for a career and then the chance for me to make my mark will come along unexpectedly, just like Elvis did.
             Elvis had graduated from high school and had various jobs to bring in a flow of money. He was studying to become an electrician. He was doing what almost every American has been doing for the past fifty-plus years: goes to school, works hard for the money, and tries to provide for his/her loved ones.

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