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A worn Path

             Phoenix Jackson was the first character introduced in this story. Her clothing is made of rags, so you know she is very poor. She is a determined old lady. Phoenix is a content person. You can tell she has cataracts in her eyes. She walks miles along this path to get medicine for her grandson.
             The next person the story introduces in the young white hunter that Phoenix comes across. He has two dogs and a gun. He was not quite polite to Miss Jackson.
             The next person is the attendant in town at the doctor's office. She is very rude to Miss Jackson. The attendant greets her with a "charity case I suppose". In the end the attendant ended up giving Phoenix a dime for the holidays. .
             The last character is the nurse. The nurse knew of the case with Phoenix and her grandson. The nurse gave the medicine to Phoenix that she had walked so far for.
             The story introduces old Phoenix Jackson. She is an old black lady making a journey on a path. She has taken this path many times before. The whole trip on the path Miss Jackson is in high spirits. She runs across obstacles she seems to have come across many times before. Some of the obstacles she encounters that lets you know she has come this way before are: She comes across a log. "Now comes the trial," said Phoenix. She crossed the creek on the log feeling around with her cane. Another trial is when she is in the cornfield and comes across the scarecrow. She thought it was someone in the field dancing. She finally reaches town, her destination. There she asks a lady to help tie her shoe.
             She then reaches the doctors office where she climbs the stairs till she knows when to stop. There a rude attendant, stating she must be a charity case, approaches her. The nurse comes to greet Phoenix Jackson. She asks how her grandson is doing. After several minutes, she answered the nurse and apologized because she had forgot what she came for. She has been making this journey for many years for free medicine.

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