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Jealousy in Peter Pan

            "A jealous female can be tricked into doing anything.
             In 1953, Disney released the classic cartoon tale Peter Pan. The movie has become a staple in American children's film. Despite what one might think, Peter Pan contains blatant sexual stereotypes and constantly portrays females as conniving and jealous.
             Tinker Bell's jealousy of Peter and Wendy's friendship portrays the most obvious case of jealousy in Peter Pan. Throughout the movie, whenever a third party mentions Wendy, Tinker Bell turns crimson red and gets infuriated at just the thought of her. Even before Tinker Bell meets Wendy, she gets agitated at just the sight of Peter talking to her. During the scene where Peter is first introduced to the audience, Wendy tries to give Peter a kiss because he complimented her stories. Tinker Bell will not allow this and flies towards Wendy to pull on her hair, preventing any contact, even though Wendy's kiss was platonic, moreover Wendy and Peter are children who live in a time period where kissing among friends was quite commonplace. Tinker Bell shows her jealousy yet again when Peter offers to take Wendy and her two brothers with him to Neverland. Tinker Bell opposes this idea so much that Peter has to physically force Tinker Bell to share her pixie dust with Wendy and her two brothers. Tinker Bell's only concern is Peter's attention, and she believes that the more females who are with Peter, the less attention she will receive from him.
             Later in the movie, Tinker Bell transcends jealousy and actually tries to get rid of Wendy any way she can. Tinker Bell even tells the "lost boys" that Peter gave orders to shoot Wendy out of the sky. The lost boys believe Tinker Bell and shoot Wendy, but she is not hurt because Peter flies over and catches her before she falls to the ground. Tinker Bell reacts to Peter's heroism with disappointment, Then openly admits that she tried to have Wendy killed.

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