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Exploring Sexuality in Peter Pan

            "And thus it will go on, so long as children are gay and innocent and heartless" (Barrie 1074). Barrie is a story about youth, imagination, and most importantly not wanting to grow up. Many themes can be established from this story, one that is hidden deep in the text, and not implied for children, is the theme of sexuality throughout this story. Peter has a very negative outlook on mothers. When Peter was very young, he ran away from his home and he attempted to come back, only to find that his mother barred up the window and forgotten about him. This moment in Peter's life will stay with him forever, and will have a huge impact on his view of mothers. The author of Peter Pan, James Barrie, also had a bad childhood experience with his mother, and this too, will end up staying with him in the future, and really comes out in his novel Peter Pan. Because of his bad relationship with his own mother, Barrie, this will have a huge affect on his social life and marriage. Like Barrie, Peter Pan's negative relationship with his mother will also have a negative affect on his relationship with all women. The three primary female characters I will discuss are, Wendy, mothers, and Tinkerbell. .
             When Barrie was a young boy his brother David died in a skateboarding accident. This was extremely hard on his mother, because she had great love for David. Barrie believed that his mother's thoughts were only focused on David, and that was the only thing that mattered to her, so Barrie felt neglected as a child. For the rest of his life, Barrie tried to mend his mother's pain. He tried to become exactly what his mother wanted David to become. He ended up graduating from the college that his mother had always hoped David would graduate from, even though that was not what Barrie wanted for himself, he was doing all of this just to make his mother happy, and to try to make her have as much love for him as she had for David.

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