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            An elderly man sat by the fire gazing into its depths, humming softly to himself. The soft sound of footsteps descending the stairs made the man look up. The sleepy grandson climbed slowly in to his grandfather's lap.
             "Grandpa I can't sleep, will you tell me a bedtime story?".
             "Of course." .
             Grandpa started: A long time ago, around the year 2000, the act of reading differed to many people. To most it was a necessity, while some people considered reading a long book a job. I saw it as an evening of fun. People who believe that are becoming scarce as we near the year 2254. The amount of fun determined what was work or play, much the same as it is now. It is possible to have fun while working, and that comes from pride in a job well done. When I finished a long good book, I felt satisfied that I had finished the book, but there was also an empty almost sad feeling. You wish the book could go on longer, in order for you to keep reading. These days that feeling is lost to you youngsters, being as every book now has a video counterpart. You take the easy path of putting forth no effort, to get no satisfaction. Late one night, I remember climbing in to my grandfather's lap just as you did and he read Peter Pan to me from cover to cover. I sat paying rapt attention to every literary feat J. M. Barrie threw my way. I fear that such delights are lost on your generation, but when I see you sleeping in my lap, all I hope for is for you to be strong, healthy, and happy no matter how it comes to you. I hope that someday you will have this same experience with your grandchildren.

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