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My Granddad: My Surrogate Father

            Many people say that growing up without a father in the home is very hard. I am 18 years old, and I beg to differ when people use this phrase. I've never felt like I had to fill that father figure void in my heart. My father passed away when I was three years old, and I don't remember much about him. With my grandad standing roughly around 6'3, dark skin-tone, with salt and pepper hair, broad shoulders and toned legs. Many people say he favors the actor Idris Elba, which has gotten him a little big-headed. He is always wearing his favorite polos and khaki pants, with his Gucci cologne scent following behind him. With Grandpa John, stepping up to the plate, I felt like he was my dad in numerous ways. He was always there, whatever I needed he was there, through thick and thin. Grandpa John is the most important person in my life because he's charismatic, taught me how to be a good listener, and is always the go-to guy. .
             "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Is what my grandad would say when he was about to help someone out. It was a rainy August day, barely able to see through the windshield, going 15 mph, trying to make it to my doctor's appointment in Huntsville and I hear my grandad recite his favorite Bible verse. Then he stops in the middle of the street, rolls the window down and says to the young man walking "Hey, do you need a ride? It's getting pretty bad out here" and that was what showed me that my grandad was charismatic. No matter if we are in a rush or not, he goes out of his way to make sure others are taken care of whether he knows them or not. With him doing that, it showed me that no matter what, take time out of your day to help someone in need because you never know what they are going through. Just because your day is going great doesn't mean the person next to your day is. So help the ones in need, so when you need that help, sure enough, it will come to you.

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