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Oyster shell recyling

             Like aluminum cans, the shells of oysters can be .
             recycled and reused. Unfortunately South Carolina is.
             depleting its oyster population and oyster reefs are.
             disappearing. Recycling oyster shells puts a key.
             substrate back into the environment allowing the.
             oyster community to thrive and rebuild their habitats.
             In order to increase oyster habitats, South Carolina.
             Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) launched the.
             South Carolina Oyster Restoration and Enhancement.
             (SCORE) program. SCORE consists of two major.
             components: recycling oyster shells and oyster reef.
             restoration. In order to grasp how important oysters.
             are to the environment, one must understand the.
             immense role oysters play to their habitat. .
             1. Like any bivalve they aid in the filtration and.
             clarification of water. An adult oyster filters up to.
             2.5 gallons of water per hour. Over time, oysters.
             develop into oyster reefs, a key habitat to the marine.
             environment. .
             2. They serve as water breaks which help aide adjacent.
             shorelines from erosion. .
             3. Oyster reefs create homes for the following.
             organisms: crabs, starfish, various species of fish,.
             anemones, urchins, snails and other small sea.
             inhabitants .
             4. An oyster reef provides a solid structure within.
             the inter-tidal and sub-tidal zones for sessile.
             5. Oysters as very tolerant organisms, able to.

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