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Losing Time

             Young adults tend to make many mistakes which serve as life lessons. For many, driving is a new experience that has endless possibilities to cause a problem. Every driver has a problem following the speed limit at some point in time. Some may just end up with a minor speeding citation, others may lose their license due to points for multiple speeding tickets, however those who excessively speed all the time could land in jail for street racing, or even worse, injure or kill an innocent victim or themselves. .
             Speeding may help out on days when the alarm does not go off and extra time is needed, but one could end up paying for years. The one time an individual speeds is the one time a cop will be hiding on the other side of that hill. Not only will one end up late from being pulled over, but now he or she must also pay the fine. In addition, already high insurance rates will take off with any extra money used for going out and shopping. Driving classes are optional to have the points taken off and avoid higher insurance costs, but often these courses cost in excess of fifty dollars, and do not guarantee people their rates will not rise. Speeding tickets are just the beginning. Many times the consequences are much more severe. .
             For those who will not think and slow down at this stage, risks quickly become much greater. On the way home late at night after work, someone in a Ford Mustang pulls up alongside at a traffic light. The deep, throaty sound of a high-powered V8 is heard. Response is given with a quick drop of the pedal as twin turbo's spool up to speed. As soon as looks are exchanged the race begins. Anxiously awaiting the green light, a patrol car ahead is overlooked. The light changes and squealing tires immediately attract the policeman's attention. Suddenly, eyes are drawn away from the Mustang in the mirror as flashing lights become the priority. Street racing is a serious citation.

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