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            Greek Marriage and Wedding Traditions.
             Marriage today in the United States is a bond that unites two love ones together and makes them become.
             one. In other societies marriage might take place because of Fame, Money, Royalty, or basically any motive that one.
             has to join another in matrimony. The history of marriage, the types of marriages, and the wedding ceremonies vary.
             from country to country, but the United States" wedding customs are alot more liberal than the ones in Ancient.
             Greece and other countries. .
             Types of Marriages.
             According to Powers, Wedding procedures in Ancient Greece are usually not planned by the bride, matter of.
             fact they have no say so at all. Greek girls live very sheltered lives. The girl is usually is fourteen or fifteen. Most.
             men seeking wives are in their mid twenties. These procedures are normally planned by the Kyrios (father or.
             guardian of the bride), and these procedures depend on the type of wedding. One type of wedding is the engue.
             wedding. It is an oral agreement between the groom and the bride's Kyrios. The purpose of producing the children.
             is entrusted to the man by the Kyrios. This phrase is normally recited "I hand over this woman to you for the.
             ploughing of legitimate children." In this type of marriage, the bride gives up her household and transfers into the.
             groom's household. Her new husband adopts the role as Kyrios, and her father no longer has that title. .
             If a girl's father were to die before she is married, then the type of wedding for her is an Epidikazein. This.
             wedding establishes in court by an archon, stating that the daughter should be passed to the nearest male relative. If.
             for instance, a man died without sons, the nearest male succeeded to the estate and married the daughter, also known.
             as the epikelros. If the male relative happened to be married, the he would divorce his current wife, in order to marry.
             the girl and inherit the estate.

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