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             Arthur Miller did a very good job depicting what had happened at the Salem witch trials. His book, the crucible, was both entertaining, and a good satire of the communist scare. (his original purpose for writing the book) Nicholas Hytner, the director of The Crucible, did a good job of both creating an entertaining movie, and following the original storyline of the book. Although both the movie and the book were very good, they had differences.
             One of the differences are where the story starts. The book starts with Betty Unconscious on the bed and Reverend Parris next to her. The movie starts with the girls sneaking out of there houses and into the woods. Once they are in the woods, they try, with the help of Titubla, to make a spell to make a boy that they are attracted to, which is different for each of them, fall in love with them. They continue by dancing around the boiling water. Making a boy fall in love with them was not a reason for going to the woods mentioned in the book. .
             The events that follow this are also different in the movie and in the book. In the movie, Putnam and Parris separately try to care for their children that seem to be in a spell. In the book, Putnam goes to Parris's house and discuss there daughters" sicknesses. In the book, betty never tries to jump out of the window like she did in the book. .
             The movie shows Titubla getting whipped, but this never happened in the book. The movie shows this to gain sympathy for Titubla and other victims of the Salem witch trials. There was also no recess from the court in the book, like there was in the movie.
             When Procotrs wife Is taken away in the movie, her kids watch. In the movie, Elizabeth tells Proctor to tell the kids that she is visiting with a sick friend. The movie does this to create sympathy for elizebath and her kids. When Proctor tells the judges that he knows its not true, they take a recess to discuss the matter in the movie, but do not do that in the book.

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