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shakesphere's famous language

             Shakespeare's legendary work has been a great impact on many things when it comes to literature and grammar. Shakespeare was a true poet; in fact I vision him as the king of all poets. Several words created by Shakespeare deserve to be in our language today. His vocabulary was one of a kind, and that's why he is a famous person today. .
             Shakespeare created these words for a very special reason. They were for his own personal use to express his meaning in passages in his work. For example a passage from Hamlet that is very expressive, "Or to the dreadful summit of the cliff, .
             That beetles o'er his base into the sea. -- Hamlet, i. 4."Shakespeare framed the expressive verb "beetles," to indicate a cliffs summit that juts out prominently, that projects beyond its wave worn base like the head of a wooden beetle or mallet. Another important verse from Hamlet, "As, by the same co-mart, and carriage of the article design"d, His fell to Hamlet -Hamlet, i. 1." Shakespeare framed the word "co-mart, he did this to express "joint bargains." "compact made together," in the same manner that the words "co-heiress," "co-partner," are formed. .
             I believe Shakespeare is famous for his vocabulary really. Other people who have made their own language are very famous to me. Such as the people who created the language on the Lord of the Rings, and the people who created the language on the video game Final Fantasy 10 that the Al Bhed use. When a language is created it really gets you into the work and makes you want to figure out what is really being said. An example is when you are reading Hamlet and you look down to see what a word means that is italicized, I enjoy reading guessing what these italicized words mean, by re-reading the passage and really thinking about it. .

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