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Place in my heart

            There are many spectacular places in Vietnam. Hanoi is the most beautiful peaceful and romantic city. After several months living in the U.S., I realize that few people know about Vietnam, my country. I am an exchange student and I want to introduce Vietnam to everyone. In this essay, I would like to tell you about special characteristics of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.
             Many people want to visit Hanoi because they would like to view the Mausoleum of President Ho Chi Minh and the house where President Ho used to work and live. In front of Uncle Ho Temple are there Vuon Hong (the Rose Garden) and Ba Dinh Square where Uncle Ho read the Declaration of Independence fifty eight years ago. You can also go to Uncle Ho's house to see his working and living condition. Behind the Mausoleum of President Ho, you will see one of the symbols of Hanoi and Vietnam. It is One Pillar Pagoda. This wooden pagoda is in the middle of a small lotus lake. .
             When you are flying over Hanoi and looking down, the first things catching your eyes should be a group of calm lakes and the green of trees. Hanoi has several lakes such as: Ho Guom (the Sword Lake), Ho Tay (the West Lake), Ho Truc Bach (the White Bamboo), Ho Bay Mau (the Seven-Acre Lake), and so on. Right in the middle of Ho Guom is Thap Rua (The Tortoise Tower), the other symbol of Hanoi in particular and of Vietnam in general. Ho Guom is famous because of its giant tortoises living in the bottom of it. Every year, these giant turtles come up just one time to eat. Most of the lakes in Hanoi are surrounded by many trees. Along the lakes are there small paths and benches. In the early of every morning, people come together on those paths to do exercise and then they can sit down on the benches to take a rest or to enjoy the beauty of the lakes. .
             Streets are also one of the beauties of Hanoi. Hanoi streets have large pavements with many big trees and flowers.

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